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Passover Seder To Go

coc seder mockup table bunched together_

Home for Passover? Wondering how you will make a Seder?

The Seder To Go Kit has everything you need to celebrate a traditional and meaningful Seder at Home.

Kit includes:

  • Handmade Shmurah Matzohs

  • Bottle of grape juice

  • Kiddush cup

  • Easy read Seder how-to guide

  • Hebrew/English annotated Haggadah

  • A Seder plate

  • The Six Seder Plate items (Zeroa (Chicken neck), Beitza (Boiled egg), Maror (horseradish), Charoset, Karpas (Parsley), and Chazeret (romaine)

  • A Passover game for the whole family!

You can also order just the shmurah matzah.

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